Release 4.0.0 - November 9, 2021 [Factory]

The Alternative Part Sourcing Release

What's New


  • The Alternative Part Sourcing release is here! You can read more about how we communicated this major release to customers here: Read Our Blog Post

  • The platform now supports lists of alternative MPNs to be used in place of the primary part for individual line items of a BoM

  • This list of alternative parts can be made reusable on other BoMs by assigning a title to the list called a “Custom Part Number” (CPN)

  • Once an alternative part list has been assigned a CPN it becomes a “Custom Alternative Part List” and can be centrally managed within “My Organization”


  • All job data packages will now contain OEM designated alternative part lists for the applicable line items

  • Upon initial listing on the marketplace, job details will now contain all of the possible alternatives for each component along with a datasheet for each alternative