Factory Partner Levels

MacroFab uses "Factory Partner Levels" to help factories ramp up in their relationship with MacroFab.

Why are Factory Partner Levels necessary?

Levels help MacroFab and the factory partner establish a strong working relationship.  New factory partners are able to gain experience with MacroFab by completing jobs right away but are limited in how many jobs they can take when they first get started.

As partners get comfortable with the platform and deliver their initial jobs, they are moved to levels that allow more jobs to be taken at one time.

How do Factory Partner Levels work?

Factory partners progress from level 1 (intro) to level 4.  Each level has restrictions on how many jobs are allowed to be open at one time.

When a factory reaches it's open jobs limit, it will not be able to accept any more jobs on the marketplace until it closes existing open jobs.

Factory Partner Level Max Allowed Open Jobs
1 1
2 4
3 8
4 12

Please reach out to partner.support@macrofab.com with any questions on your current level.

How do I move to the next level?

Factories at level 1 can move to level 2 by completing their first job to MacroFab's satisfaction.

All other level promotions are done at the review of MacroFab's Factory Partner director and are generally done as factories complete additional jobs with high quality and on-time deliver.  Questions on factory levels should be sent to partner.support@macrofab.com.