How do I Consign Materials and How do I Select my Inventory when using the MacroFab BOM Tool

With the MacroFab BOM Tool users can source their own components and use either Consignment of Inventory

While selecting parts for your Bill of Materials, you may run into a situation where you can’t find the part you need in the market place. The part may be proprietary or unavailable from our part distributors, or perhaps you already have a large inventory of exotic and expensive parts that you would like to use for your next manufacturing run.

The consignment and inventory part features of the Bill of Materials interface give you more flexibility in choosing the parts you want to use for your PCBs. Consigning parts are a great solution for when you want to proceed with placing an order, without having to wait on getting the parts moved into your inventory. You can also send us parts in advance, and then build out of your inventory when you’re ready to place an order.

Consignment in the Bill of Materials

You consign your parts to us as part of the BOM management process. When selecting the parts that you want to populate on your board, you can choose between three options:

  1. Turnkey: MacroFab will source House Parts or Distributor Parts

  2. Consignment: You will ship parts to MacroFab for this order after placing the order

  3. Inventory: You will consume parts from your inventory held on-site using our Inventory Management Service

PCBs with consignment parts on the Bill of Material are not eligible for our 10 Day Quick Turn service. This is due to the tight logistics time frame of the 10 Day service.

More information about the bill of materials interface can be found in the Bill of Materials Management Knowledge Base article.

Calculating Labor Costs for Consignment Parts

If you consign a part with a known part number, we will detect the number of pins and mounting type and calculate labor pricing. If, on the other hand, you search for a part number that is not available on the market, you will be asked to give us only the most basic information that we need to figure out how to calculate labor costs for the consigned part. You will need to assign a part number, whether the part is surface mount or through hole, and the number of pins the part has. Consignment parts also have a per line item part fee associated with them that can be found in the Quote & Order tab of the PCB interface.

Sending Consignment Parts

After paying for your order, the order page will have detailed instructions on how to ship the parts at the top right. Make sure to send enough parts for component overage, the package is marked correctly, and they are received before the due date. Ensure your components are properly protection from potential shipping damage. ESD protection is very important!

When we receive your consignment parts, we will perform an audit to check the quantities, tag them, and store them in our secure inventory facility until your PCBs are ready for manufacturing. Once the assembly of your PCBs is complete, any parts that were not used during the manufacturing process will be returned to you along with your completed PCBs.

Inventory Parts in the Bill of Materials

Parts for PCBs and materials for final products can supplied to us in advance and added into your inventory. To use parts that are in your inventory, select "Inventory" from the Source menu for the line item.

You will then be prompted to search and select the part from your inventory. More information about how to manage your inventory can be found in the Inventory Category of the Knowledge Base article. Note ALL components sent to MacroFab must be sent in ESD bags to prevent rejection of the parts. 

Need Help with Consignment and Inventory?

Our support team is always here to answer questions about how to consign of parts for your order or how our inventory system works.