How do I order a PCB

Once you have uploaded your PCB's design files, completed the bill of materials, and approved the part placements it is time to order the PCB. The Quote and Order tab in the PCB interface is where to start.



Quote and Order Tab Overview

The Quote and Order tab breaks down the costs of your PCB assembly, the price of your PCB assembly at scale, and any issues that need to be resolved before you can order.



1. Price Break Down

The left side of the Quote and Order tab features the price break down of the PCB Assembly. These costs are broken out into Per Unit and Total columns.


Per Unit pricing is the variable cost per unit to produce your product.  Only the costs which vary with the quantity of units you buy will be broken out into this column.

Non-variable costs, those that don't increase with the number of units you buy, are included in the Total costs for the order.  These costs can include non-recurring expenses (NRE), and order setup fees.  Order setup fees are the costs to prepare and execute your order, and typically will be the same any time you reorder this design.

Because order setup fees and NRE are not included in the Per Unit pricing, the Total column will typically be larger than the Per Unit pricing multiplied by the number of units.

You may notice an Excess PCB Material fee in the total cost for your order.  The MacroFab Platform panelizes the design of your board automatically, and optimizes for the lowest cost per unit at your current volume.  This can result in left over PCBs not being used at your current order volume.  If there would be any left over PCBs, the description for this fee will explain how many additional PCBs you can fit in with this order to eliminate this cost.


2. Per-Unit Price At Scale

On the right side of the Quote and Order tab there is a graph that displays how your PCB Assembly Per Unit pricing decreases with volume. You graph different service speeds to compare how the price changes by selecting the appropriate button below the graph.

Additionally, you can use the Lead Times tab to visualize the cost difference between the lead times shown in the service selector above at your currently selected volume.



3. Errors To Resolve Before Ordering

Above the graph is the PCB Ready Check, and the Order Button. This area displays any warnings or errors about your PCB that will need to be resolved before you can order. This can range from part placement not being approved, missing PCB layers, or part out of stock issues. For more information about these errors check out our Troubleshooting section.


If there are no warnings, you'll see a blue Order Now button.



Ready Set Go!

If your PCB assembly has no errors or you have resolved them you will be able to order! Do so by clicking the blue Order Now button. This will bring you to the check out experience.

Once you click the Order Now button and create an order the system takes a snap shot of your PCB. Making changes to the PCB will not be reflected in the created order. If you need to make a change you will need to remake the order or contact support.


Checking Out

The checkout experience has been upgraded with the new MacroFab Team Accounts & Collaborative Tools release. See Creating Orders and Collaborative Purchasing Overview.

Ordering Problems?

Is there an error that you can't figure out how to resolve? Shipping address concerns? Let our support team know!