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How do I update my PCB if I have a DRC Violation

How to Update Your PCB Design

If you choose to update the PCB design, first, please review our DRC Report and knowledge base: PCB Specifications and DRC

Once your PCB passes our specifications, follow these steps to update it in the MacroFab platform.Beth6

  1. On the Platform, open the order to update.

  2. Open the PCB to update.

  3. Download the BOM. Navigate to the Bill of Materials tab. Click on the “Download BOM” Button
    NOTE: Keep a copy because the BOM could be overwritten later in this process when you upload new files. Downloaded BOM


The platform lists all the files that have been processed.

4. Download the XYRS. In the browser address window, change last word of the URL to the PCB to "files" and press ENTER. The platform lists all the files that have been processed.

update22a. In the Processed Files column, click the XYRS data link to download the file.


b. Note any parts that are Consignment or Inventory, because those designations will not be carried over.

c. For more information about XYRS files see this article on file types.


5. Return to the PCB to update. From the drop-down menu on the top left corner, click new clone version to create a clone version. Beth3

6. In the Design tab and click Upload Files. Drag and drop the Gerber files, one at a time, into the platform to update the layers. This maintains all the existing data including the BOM.

IMPORTANT! Between adding layers, please allow the platform to process each new file.

     a. Once processed, on the right column, both the new and old file display. Select and delete each old file.

7. Add a new XYRS file to update the placements for the new design if the design files (ODB++, .brd, etc…) did not provide the placement data. If the placement data is not changing you can use the downloaded XYRS from step 4.

     a. Navigate back to the “Files” location in step 4 for the new version. Drop the file there.

8. Upload the Bill of Materials.

     a. Navigate to the Bill of Materials tab. Click on the “Upload BOM” button

b. Drop the downloaded BOM file from step 4 into the prompt to upload the BOM.

c. Review the imported BOM for accuracy. Click Yes if the BOM is correct. 


9. IMPORTANT! On the Bill of Materials tab, update necessary parts changed to Consignment or Inventory.


10. Refresh your browser.

11. Once you have updated the PCB, please send the PCB URL to your customer care representative who will update the Order Review ticket. Order Review will then run the DRC on the updated design.

12. Once Order Review has reviewed the updated PCB design and ran the DRC, the new PCB design will be imported into your order.