MacroFab Platform Release - July 1, 2022 [Factory Partners]

MacroFab Presents the Factory Partner Dashboard

The dashboard gives you an overview of all the jobs you have taken and an overview of your factory. Click on this link or the "Dashboard" tab at the top of your screen after you login.


What information is in the Dashboard?


The overview contains both factory status information like level, when you partnered with MacroFab, and how many active users you currently have.

There are also lifetime stats:

  • Lifetime jobs and total payout - based on jobs that have been completed by the current date
    • These jobs are listed out in the jobs table in the dashboard and on the "My Jobs" page under the "Completed" tab
  • Open jobs and total payout - based on jobs that have been accepted but not completed by the current date
    • To see these jobs you can go to the "My Jobs" view in the platform and select the "In Progress" tab.

Job Table

The job table includes data for each job as well as a total payout for jobs in the table.  The job table only includes jobs that have been completed.

How to Sort the Job Table

By Date

You can filter the job table by the completed date by using the date selector.  Pick the beginning date first and then either pick the end date of the range or use the "Today" button to use the current date as the end date.  The total payout will adjust to reflect the jobs filtered in the table.

p5fxBJjRrC44LzLhQwzA_Factory Dash Time FIlter-1By Status

Use the tabs at the top of the table to look at just jobs with delays or with QA issues.  The total payout will adjust to display on the jobs displayed in the table.

What if I have feedback or questions?

In the coming months we plan to expand the dashboard to give you better visibility into the jobs you are performing. We also welcome your feedback and look forward to working with you to make this tool a great resource for you.

Please email with any feedback.