MacroFab Platform Release - October 6th, 2022 [Factory Partners]

Updates to the Job Dates Displayed

MacroFab has updated the dates we show for each available job to include the date we expect the kit to arrive at your factory and the date the factory should ship the job in order to get it back to MacroFab by the due date.

Providing these dates will make it easier to understand the job schedule, select jobs that fit your schedule, and deliver on time to our customers.

Kit Arrival:  The date the kit is estimated to arrive at your factory.

Ship By:  The date you should ship the job back to get it to MacroFab by the due date.

Note: MacroFab is currently using the same shipping time for each job and factory to generate these dates. In the future we plan to provide more accurate dates based on shipping times.  The calculation for the jobs schedule has not changed.

Available Jobs Dates

⚠️Some jobs have "Ship By" dates on or before the "Kit Arrival" dates. MacroFab is aware of these jobs and is working on our job schedules to address these with the goal of meeting both customer and factory timelines. If you desire a job, but are concerned about the schedule please reach out to