MacroFab Platform Release - September 22, 2023 [Factory Partners]

Factory Partner Dashboard Enhancements


We've enhanced the factory dashboard experience by incorporating quality and on-time delivery metrics, providing our partners with additional insights into crucial performance indicators.


Interval Selection

Performance metrics can be displayed for a custom time interval or a predefined interval.


Defects-Per-Million-Placements (DPMP)

DPMP is a ratio of the number of defects in a sample to the number of defect opportunities multiplied by one million.

DPMP indicates how many placements require rework.

Overall DPMP

Overall DPMP is the average DPMP value for the designated time interval.

First Pass Yield (FPY)

FPY is the percentage of units that passed quality inspection out of the total units evaluated.

FPY indicates how many boards require rework.

Overall FPY

Overall FPY is the average FPY value for the designated time interval.

On-Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery (OTD)

OTD is the percentage of completed jobs received at MacroFab by their due date.

Overall OTD

Overall OTD is the average OTD value for the designated time interval.


Jobs details the number of jobs completed for the designated time interval.