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What are MacroFab's House Parts

At MacroFab, we carry a large selection of components in stock and ready to be used in your projects.

We purchase our House Parts in large volumes and keep them in-stock at all times. This means that we don’t need to order these parts when preparing your job, reducing costs and the lead time it takes to manufacture your order. For this reason, we offer pricing for these parts that is generally below market price for a similar component.

For an up-to-date listing of House Parts, you can always find them here.

Parts Selection, Variance

For many common components, especially passives, you’ll note we use our own part numbering system. We will use a variety of source components to fill this part number, depending on what our manufacturers and distributors are able to provide us in a timely manner.


None of the parts we use will deviate from the listed properties we display for these parts, and if these properties meet your needs, in most cases you may use them without issue. However, if you have a need for a specific component in your design whose properties or capabilities deviate from those listed in that House Part, we suggest that you use the specific part number that you know to meet your specification rather than the House Part Number.


We guarantee availability of all House Parts for future orders. If a House Part is to be retired, replaced, or we know that we will face a supply shortage, we will give you a six month notice for any project in our system that uses that part.

Use our House Parts to not only save money, but to manufacture with confidence.