How do I view changes made to my PCB

When working with a PCB, it’s sometimes very useful to see the changes that have been made over time, and by whom. For example, when was the top copper layer last updated? When was component X1 marked as Do Not Populate? Who made the soldermask pink?

The MacroFab platform tracks each change that is made to a PCB, and allows you to compare any two revisions to see what the differences are.

Checking PCB History

To get started, click the timeline icon underneath the price tracker that is in the right side of the PCB Interface.Viewing-Changes-to-your-PCB_0-700x214


This will present the history viewer, where the last change to the PCB is displayed.


To choose the starting or ending point of the comparison, click the From or To headers in the list and select the base and target versions of the PCB you would like to compare. The change history will be recalculated and displayed.

The From version must always be earlier in time than the To version unless your PCB enables time travel. If the From or To version is empty or unselectable, there are no versions before or after the selected version in the other column.

PCB History Questions?

Need help viewing your PCB’s history? Contact our support team to get back on track!