How to create a PCB Using the MacroFab Platform

CREATING A PCB AND UPLOADING DESIGN FILES After you create a MacroFab Account and sign in, the platform will bring you to the PCB screen.


Screenshot 2024-02-29 173317

To create a new PCB click the "Create New PCB" button in the upper left. This will create a new blank PCB and bring you to the PCB interface.

To upload your design files either click the "Upload Files" icon or drag and drop them into the browser in the PCB interface. You can drag and drop files into the browser on any of the tabs in the interface. For more information about what kind of design files MacroFab supports check out the Required Design Files knowledge base article. If you have any questions or concerns with how to upload your design files into the platform contact our support team.


Uploading an EDA tool design file or ODB++ package to an already existing PCB the platform will remove the existing PCB files and override all previous files with the new ones. Uploading individual files that have the same name as preexisting files in a PCB will also override the previous existing files.

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