MacroFab Platform Release - April 1, 2022 [OEM]

New Additions to MacroFab's Component Suppliers and Consignment for 10-day Service Orders!

MacroFab's Component Suppliers

MacroFab is excited to announce supporting six additional component suppliers in our software platform.

Component suppliers will now be either classified as “Preferred” or “Non-Preferred”.

Preferred Component Suppliers

“Preferred” suppliers are those that MacroFab can leverage automation to source from, and without having to incur additional expenses, such as shipping costs or customs charges.

To date, all orders have utilized “Preferred” suppliers for component sourcing.

Non-Preferred Component Suppliers

To provide yet another tool for navigating today’s supply chain, the MacroFab software platform now supports “Non-Preferred” suppliers in addition to the existing “Preferred” suppliers. 

“Non-Preferred” component suppliers are those that MacroFab is unable to automate sourcing from.  Additionally, several of these “Non-Preferred” suppliers have added expenses associated with them (e.g. shipping fees, customs fees, taxes, etc.). 

Please note that the quality of components sourced from “Preferred” suppliers and the quality of components sourced from “Non-Preferred” suppliers is indistinguishable. Components from both are rigorously evaluated to ensure conformity with MacroFab’s industry-leading standards and the MacroFab guarantee.

Click here for a deep dive on Preferred vs. Non-Preferred component suppliers.

Consignment for 10-day Orders

MacroFab's fastest service now gives customers even more flexibility with part sourcing. Our software platform at present offers the option to consign parts for 10-day orders. 

Click here to learn more about consignment and our other part sourcing options.

Bottom Line

This exciting release further enhances MacroFab's distributed supply chain and ultimately means less interruption from part shortages for our valued customers like you.