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Part Sourcing: Turnkey, Consignment, and Inventory

The MacroFab platform offers three different ways to source components for your PCB Assembly: Turnkey, Consignment, and Inventory. These options enable a flexible way to manage your PCB Assemblies Bill of Materials supply chain and costs.


MacroFab will source the parts selected on your Bill of Materials. Turnkey components are purchased from Authorized Dealers and are typically sourced from Mouser or DigiKey. MacroFab handles all the logistics and ensures your parts arrive on time for assembly to reduce manufacturing delays. If you can not find the component you are looking for in the part search please contact our support team. Note ALL components sent to MacroFab must be sent in ESD bags to prevent rejection of the parts. 


If you have a part that is proprietary or unavailable from our part distributors, or you already own inventory of the component you can select to source the component through consignment. Here, you order the PCB Assembly then ship in the components. Consignment components incur a handling fee that can be seen on the Quote and Order tab of the PCB interface. More information about how to use consignment can be found in the Consigning Materials and Building from Inventory article. Please note there is a $29.00 per line item handling fee for consigned parts. This fee includes receiving the part, storing the part, kitting the part and returning the part. 


If you plan on doing several production runs with hard to find components or components unavailable through our normal part distributors you can ship components for us to warehouse for you. Selecting the sourcing option Inventory will allow you to consume parts from your inventory that is held on-site using our Inventory Management Service. Components must already be in inventory before this sourcing option can be selected.

Additional Questions about Part and Component Sourcing?

Our support team is always here to answer questions about part and component sourcing for your next PCB Assembly and Product.