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PCB Specifications and DRC

The following are what MacroFab currently offers for PCB options through the online interface. See this knowledge base article for how to customize your PCB options.

PCB Specifications

These are what MacroFab currently offers for PCB options though the online interface. See this knowledge base article for how to customize your PCB options.PCB 1a Specs


Design Rules for PCBs

MacroFab has 4 different sets of Design Rule Checks (DRC) for PCBs. Standard, Extended Manufacturing, Extended Drill, and Extended Manufacturing and Drill. Most PCBs fall under our Standard DRC. 

DRC for 1oz (35μm) copper PCBsDRC for 1oz

DRC for 2oz (70μm) copper PCBs

DRC for 2oz

For PCBs with 2oz (35μm) copper the minimal trace width, spacing, and annular ring need to be larger to account for the thicker plating of copper. Because of this, 2oz Copper disables the extended manufacturing option.

Board Edge Routing

Our PCB Board Edge (Routing) Tolerance is ± 6mil (0.15mm).

Finished Drill Sizing

The MacroFab platform interprets drill hits as the finished size. This is the final diameter after plating and the surface finish applied. No plating tolerance is required in specifying drill sizes.

Drill Ratios and Laser Vias

The drill aspect ratio is the relationship between the depth of the drill hit and the width. For example, if the drill hit goes all the way through a 62 mil (1.6mm) thick PCB (standard PCB thickness) and the drill hit is 4 mil (0.1016mm) in diameter the ratio would be 62 ÷ 4 = 15.5.

Drill Option Max Drill Ratio
Standard Drills 10
Extended Drills 16

Standard mechanical drills are used all the way down to 4 mil (0.1016mm) diameter vias. Laser drilling techniques are used for blind and buried vias.

Paste Layer Specifications

Paste layers for PCB designs should be 1:1 ratio with the copper lands. For more information on paste layers and stencil requirements, see this knowledge base article for Paste and Stencil requirements

PCB Layer Stack Ups

MacroFab has a standard set of PCB layer stack ups and supports custom stackups and PCB substrate materials for PCB Assemblies. For more information on PCB layer stack ups check out the knowledge base article PCB Layer Stack Ups and this blog about PCB Thickness

PCB and Material Datasheets

Below you can find the datasheets for the materials that are used to create your PCB.

PCB Manufacturing Standards
FR4 datasheet
R-500 GHB Soldermask Datasheet

Assembly Capabilities

MacroFab's assembly capabilities can be found in this knowledge base article.

Additional Questions?

Our support and engineering staff is here to help! If you have any questions about your PCB design and what set of DRC to use, contact our support team! Does your PCB assembly need different specifications, material, or stack up other then what we offer? Contact our sales team today.

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