Ordering Bare PCBs vs Assembled PCBs

How to switch between order types in your design and what to expect with each order type.

MacroFab introduced bare PCB ordering in May 2024 alongside its existing offering of assembled PCBs.  With bare PCBs our customers have access to high quality PCBs reviewed by our engineers and with a wide range of custom specifications.

What do you get when you order bare PCBs?

Bare board orders will be shipped as individual PCBs not as panelized designs.  We do not currently support panelized designs since each assembly shop typically has its own set of panel preferences.  If you have your own components you want assembled to your designs you can send us your parts through consignment and we can do assembly for you!

Easily swap between bare and assembled PCBs

The MacroFab platform is designed to let you order both bare boards and assembled PCBs from a single PCB design.  To do this we let you switch between order types on your PCB instead of forcing your to create a new PCB.  Of course, if you want to create a separate PCB for your bare PCB you can.


What happens to my placements and Bill of Materials when I select bare PCBs?

Changing a PCB with components and placements from "PCB + Assembly" to "PCB" only changes the information that will be included in the quote and on the order.  All of your components and placements will still be on your PCB, and switching back to "PCB + Assembly" will bring your Bill of Materials back into view and show the components and labor on your quote.



What kind of specifications do you support?

MacroFab supports the same range of specifications for bare PCBs as we do for assembled PCBs.  You can be confident we can easily transition between supplying bare PCBs and assembled PCBs for the same project, no matter which specifications you need.